30 November 2010

The Eyes Have It {San Antonio Child Photographer}

Scotty's best friend has the most gorgeous eyes, and ever since we met her, I knew I needed to get her pictures done! She just turned two, so we had the perfect opportunity. Watch out daddy - she's going to be a handful someday!

(Not a fan of the constant fly-overs!)

14 November 2010

Beautiful Mama {San Antonio Maternity Photography}

S is due in just a few days - this session is from a few weeks ago. I was out for the count for a while, and she was so supportive. I am blessed to know her and call her my friend! Can't wait to meet the little baby girl (whose name is a secret!) and help out as much as they'll let me. ;)

Oh, and I don't think we'll ever forget the random fruiting we endured, either...

10 November 2010

2011 Senior - So Much Fun! {San Antonio, TX Senior Photography}

With Mica as my assistant/chauffeur, we went out to the village and the university for this shoot.  What a riot!  Not as much attention as we normally get with the camera in tow, but we did run into some amorous turtles out in the brush at the end of the session.  There are far too many good shots to choose from...a very photogenic and genuinely nice young man.