22 December 2011

Missing Spring {San Antonio Family Photography}

I love the holiday season, but Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.  I love the just-right weather and the light hanging on till later.  Here's a little taste of Spring - it'll be here before we know it!  The days are longer as of today...

Spring Family Photo (What to Wear)

Pretty easy on the eyes, this family!  :)
And this is easily one of my top ten photos of the entire year.  I just adore it - such a beauty!

Girl, Black and White Portrait

01 December 2011

First Cake Smash {San Antonio Toddler Photographer}

So messy and so much fun! The little guy kept looking at his mom and I like he couldn't believe he was actually supposed to dig into the cake. Hilarious. I'd love to do more of these. I like to keep it light and airy with pastel colors that stay true when smashed up! :)

Blue Cake Smash, One Year

Of course, we had some time to grab some shots outside before the mess ensued!  

One Year Letters

10 August 2011

Momtographer Tip of the Day {San Antonio, Texas Child Photographer}

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! I thought I'd do a personal post today. Keeping my little guy busy has been fun and challenging as we move through the middle of year two. He's into everything, and it's amazing watching him with new craft materials and activities.

I've been trying to capture all these little moments and wanted to throw out a tip for when you are trying to do the same. Get down on your child's level for some shots, and zoom in on those details! It adds interest to your set of photos, and it will help you remember the size of your child at that age and exactly what fascinated them about the activity or project.

Kid Detail Collage

I'm printing this collage on aluminum to include in a cluster of cork and colored dry-erase board squares. I can't wait to see how it turns out...

Stay cool, and snap away!


Here's a snapshot of the entrance to our house with the high-gloss aluminum print. Self-stick dry-erase and cork squares from the Board Guys. I love how this turned out! Bonus - the metal print can be written on with dry-erase markers as well if you want to incorporate that into the design.

Print Those Pictures

05 August 2011

Sweet One-Month-Old and Her Mommy {San Antonio Infant Photographer}

This is a photographer friend of mine who was so thrilled (as I am when I get the chance) to be on the other side of the lens with her precious baby girl. She is approximately one month here - maybe five weeks?

I am in love with the black and white images from their mini-session. At one month, alert, expressive looks begin to replace replace the silly cross-eyed stares you sometimes get from awake brand-newborns. Isn't she sweet?

One Month Lifestyle

Older Newborn, Lifestyle, Black and White

15 July 2011

A Sweet, Fun Family {San Antonio Family Photography}

What a sweet, loving, fun family this is! Their 5-year-old had my heart melted in about 5 minutes. This is why I love my job - and they chose big, beautiful wall art for their home. I can't wait till they receive it and can hang it up!

One of my favorite locations - the park by the "big" mosque in Adana. Turks spend a lot of time in their parks - relaxation and family time, and it shows! They are absolutely gorgeous! There are great colors and textures at every turn, and of course the iconic mosque in the background is a reminder of their time here.

Here are a couple of less-posed black & white shots.  I adore these...

Sweet Fun Family

14 July 2011

Another 6 Month Cutie {San Antonio Infant Photographer}

I just love this little girl.  I have been photographing her since before she was born.  Add her newborn session and an extended family session, and she is my most photographed client to date.  It shows - she's quite the little pro! 

I also love 6 Month sessions.  If the little ones are sitting up, and moving and grooving a little, we have the chance to be so creative without having to run too far.  

I'm so sad this little cutie has moved back to the States with her proud parents.  Saying goodbye to friends and clients is never easy, but it is part of life and business here.  Good luck to the C family.  You'll be missed! 

6 Month Girl, Indoor/Outdoor

26 June 2011

Babies, Babies Everywhere! {San Antonio Newborn Photographer}

It is quite the season for babies here - I love it! I've had a string of boys lately, and they are so handsome. Be on the lookout for more newborn boy posts in the very near future, and if you know of anyone having a girl soon, send them my way! I have brand new headbands wasting away. ;)

This baby boy is number one for his proud parents. He's a laid back little guy, and they are taking new parenthood in stride. Best of luck to this lovely family!

Newborn Indoor/Outdoor

21 June 2011

Fun Family at Snake Castle {San Antonio Family Photographer}

One of the joys of military life is trying to schedule shoots around deployments, school, and busy work weeks.  Once the dust settled on scheduling this session, I think we got some fantastic results!  Snake Castle was a really nice location for a short drive.  I'm looking forward to using it again when it cools off this fall.  These boys are too fun, and you can just feel the energy and love this family has together.

Natural Family - What to Wear

Oh, and don't mind my haze/sun flare addiction - I just love it.  So dreamy! 

San Antonio Family Photographer

13 June 2011

Six Months Old Already? {San Antonio Baby Photography}

I did this session before our trip to the States, and it's hard to believe this little beauty is well past the six-month mark now! In fact, her one year session will be here before we know it...

I can't believe how much she has grown since her newborn photos, but they do that, don't they?

Just for fun, a couple of these shots have a vintage process - very soft and pretty for a pretty little girl!

6 Month Girl

05 June 2011

Busy Spring for the S Family {San Antonio Family Photography}

Maternity, Newborn, Family

Did you know that if you have a full maternity or maternity/family session before booking a newborn session, you will get $50 off your newborn session fee?  Well, now you do!

I got to see the S family quite a bit this spring.  (With my camera in tow - we see them a lot as friends!)  We had a family/maternity/2 year session, and just a couple of weeks later, baby boy joined the family.  They also made an appearance at our Easter mini-sessions.

Here are just a few of my many, many favorites!  

06 May 2011

Gorgeous Light, Gorgeous Family {San Antonio Family Photographer}

I love to see the changes in babies and young kids when I am lucky enough to photograph families more than once. This is my one of my TBFs (Turkey Best Friend), who has sadly moved on to the next chapter in their Air Force journey in California. Her littlest little was my very first newborn session! Look how he has grown...and their 5-year-old could not be more fun!

Best wishes, friends - miss you lots!

Family, Silhouette

02 May 2011

Sweet Newborn Girl {San Antonio, Texas Newborn Photographer}

Little A was a champion sleeper during her session. Since November, it's been a run of boys, and as far as I know, only boys to come for a while! So glad I was able to pull out all the girly props for her at that point. She has mommy and daddy wrapped around her not-quite-so-tiny-anymore fingers. Her 6 month session will be soon!

Newborn Girl

25 April 2011

Back, With New(ish) Posts {San Antonio Family Photographer}

Weeeeelllllll, not really.  The next few posts are going to have some older sessions that have not been blogged.  

I've had the unfortunate luck to share a server with Google Maps, which had been blocked here for quite some months.  Needless to say, with local clients unable to access the blog, I've been focusing more efforts and previews on Facebook.  (Have you "liked" our page?  It's here: Facebook Page)

Whatever forces-that-be have aligned to unblock those servers recently, which I have just discovered!  So, back at it.  Much catching up to do...

Let's start with just a few fun families from just before and after the holidays:

Siblings, Children

Turkey, Family, Adana Mosque

Siblings, Black and White


Turkey, Granparents, Couple

Extended Family

Girl with Bear

31 January 2011

Our Little Man Turns Two {San Antonio Children Photography}

I have lots of client sessions to blog, but I have to post a few pictures from Scotty's big day. Milestones get to me in a big way. I was a mess on Wednesday, laughing, crying, smiling so big my face hurt. And of course, I ate way too many cupcakes...

Back to the regularly scheduled blog shortly! (And I must be better about that - I have many families I want to show off from before the first of the year!)

Personal, Birthday Boy