28 December 2010

I Don't Do Weddings. {San Antonio Photographer}

No, seriously. Weddings are a huge deal. I have friends who are fantastic wedding photographers, but it is a high pressure game. There are no do-overs with weddings. Once we get back to the States and I can second-shoot some weddings with another fabulous photog (maybe I'll spend a few weeks in Chicago with Kayleen at Brown Eyes Photography?), then I'll consider adding weddings to my repertoire!

That being said, I can understand the draw. These kinds of moments that melt your heart are the kind I want to capture. These are just a couple of shots from my vantage point at a Turkish wedding we attended a few months ago. It was crazy, glittery, loud and fun. But amongst all the noise and revelry, the way he looked at her? Seriously...

And case in point about hiring the right wedding photographer - the mother of the bride was far happier with the few snaps I was able to sneak in than the photos from the hired photographer. Do your research for important events, and as with most things, you get what you pay for!

So someday. Someday when my husband is retired and joins me in the biz, we'll be doing this. (I will add he's a natural with events. Can't wait till we get to team up!)

Candle, Flowers

Turkish Wedding, Black and White

Turkish Wedding, Bride and Groom

Turkish Wedding, Bride and Groom

26 December 2010

The Day After Christmas... {San Antonio Child Photography}

...And all through the house, we're still in our pajamas, making our way through a pile of leftovers! Little bear wasn't too keen on the whole Santa/presents deal this year. I think next year will be much more fun! But I did so enjoy his daily reaction to plugging in our little stand-in tree. "Oooo....peety! No touching!" *while poking an ornament*

(PSA: a travel adapter isn't sufficient for a 4.5 ft pre-lit tree. It worked for a couple of weeks, but by Christmas day, the top half was blown out, sad, and dark.)

Here's hoping your holidays were magical, and thanks to all who have made the first few months at Little Trees Photography a success!

Christmas Lights

30 November 2010

The Eyes Have It {San Antonio Child Photographer}

Scotty's best friend has the most gorgeous eyes, and ever since we met her, I knew I needed to get her pictures done! She just turned two, so we had the perfect opportunity. Watch out daddy - she's going to be a handful someday!

(Not a fan of the constant fly-overs!)

14 November 2010

Beautiful Mama {San Antonio Maternity Photography}

S is due in just a few days - this session is from a few weeks ago. I was out for the count for a while, and she was so supportive. I am blessed to know her and call her my friend! Can't wait to meet the little baby girl (whose name is a secret!) and help out as much as they'll let me. ;)

Oh, and I don't think we'll ever forget the random fruiting we endured, either...

10 November 2010

2011 Senior - So Much Fun! {San Antonio, TX Senior Photography}

With Mica as my assistant/chauffeur, we went out to the village and the university for this shoot.  What a riot!  Not as much attention as we normally get with the camera in tow, but we did run into some amorous turtles out in the brush at the end of the session.  There are far too many good shots to choose from...a very photogenic and genuinely nice young man.

17 October 2010

This Little Man Just Turned One! {San Antonio Baby Photographer}

And isn't he a cutie? He is one of the many boys in our group - just learned to walk, and ready to cause some trouble with the rest of them!



09 October 2010

Sorry, Paul Simon {San Antonio Newborn, Infant Photographer}

"Everything looks worse in black and white." (Kodachrome)

I disagree.

These images from two recent sessions are far more interesting when in black and white. Ted Grant said, "When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!" I think these two tiny, sweet souls definitely shine through here.

03 October 2010

The Men in My Life {San Antonio, Texas Family Photography}

Oh, how I love my boys!  Now that it is *finally* getting cooler, we ventured out to the big mosque park in Adana to finally do those 18 month shots I've been meaning to do...at (ahem) 20 months!  I've had the matching ties since Father's Day and have been itching to get them in some pictures.  I'd like to think it was worth the wait - I had a hard time narrowing down my favorites, of course, so here are a bunch...

30 September 2010

Some of Our Gorgeous Friends {San Antonio Family Photographer}

We love taking adventures with this crew! When their youngest turned one a few weeks ago, they asked me to take some family pics, and how could I say no? These are in the park by the big mosque in Adana. We had quite the entourage on a Sunday afternoon, too. Whenever we have the whole crew together, we joke that it's like trying to be out and about with Halle Berry and Brad Pitt! Just Halle on this trip, though...

23 September 2010

Lovely Baby R {San Antonio Newborn Photographer}

This is the little bundle of sweetness who caused her parents so much worry. I know her daddy was so thrilled to be able to meet her and I hope he and mommy enjoy these photos as much as I do! Here's to hurrying home safe...

22 September 2010

Baby Girl Fooled Everyone...But There's a Happy Ending {San Antonio Maternity Photographer}

So, as T was in labor and I was shooting her first session, her husband was en route back to Turkey.  He made it before the baby came, but because she didn't come.  And didn't come.  And didn't come.  For his whole two-week furlough!  We got some shots of them together (and gorgeous shots they are!  They are so in love and adorable) with the thought looming that S would have to go back without meeting his daughter.

That little baby girl waited until her daddy was on his way out the door to get on the plane back to get serious about entering the world.  Instead of heading to the terminal, they headed to the hospital, and they got to welcome their little peanut together.

I love happy endings...pictures of the little bundle to follow!

12 September 2010

Thank Heaven for Little Boys {San Antonio Child Photographer}

I big-puffy-heart little boys.  Probably a bias, since I have one myself, but little boys with big eyes and to-die-for lashes, full of energy and so inquisitive...forget about it! 

Then there are those moments that they are just so sweet - the ones that totally make you forget that you haven't had a chance to sit down in four days, at least during his waking hours.  My 20-month-old hasn't just fallen asleep (run out of batteries?) in ages.  These melted my heart.

Here's to little boys, toddler fun, and finding the "off" switch.  :)