22 September 2010

Baby Girl Fooled Everyone...But There's a Happy Ending {San Antonio Maternity Photographer}

So, as T was in labor and I was shooting her first session, her husband was en route back to Turkey.  He made it before the baby came, but because she didn't come.  And didn't come.  And didn't come.  For his whole two-week furlough!  We got some shots of them together (and gorgeous shots they are!  They are so in love and adorable) with the thought looming that S would have to go back without meeting his daughter.

That little baby girl waited until her daddy was on his way out the door to get on the plane back to get serious about entering the world.  Instead of heading to the terminal, they headed to the hospital, and they got to welcome their little peanut together.

I love happy endings...pictures of the little bundle to follow!


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